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  • El Battle Group del 'Galicia' mantiene capacidades en el 'Pegaso'

Latest News

Friday, October 27, 2017

Number: 6308

Battle Group from 'Galicia' maintains capacities at 'Pegaso'

Members from the European Union's Battle Group (EUBG, in its English abbreviation), formed over the base of the 64th Regiment "Galicia", conducted at the Training Center "San Gregorio", in Zaragoza, an exercise of maintaining capacities, from the 16th to the 27th of October. During its development, the 25th of October, they were visited by the Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, General Francisco J. Varela Salas.

The chosen atmosphere consisted on a tactical topic about the interposition in between the conflict forces and the establishment of a humanitarian corridor.

In "Pegaso", as it was called, thousand of soldiers met, among them, hundred of Portuguese soldiers that provides the Campaign's Artillery Unit of this EUBG, which is in its availability phase during this semester of the year, together with another Battle Group headed by Italy. The current conditions and necessities of that moment will determine which of the two groups is triggered first.

Furthermore, 1st Brigade "Aragón" provided the Headquarters' Command, the Unit of Land Based Air Defense -with supporting units from Sevilla, Bótoa (Badajoz) and Madrid-  the Unit of Staff, the Unit of Engineers, the Logistic Unit and the Unit of Transmissions.

EUBG constitutes the principal nucleus of rapid deployment tools and represents the minimum package of effective forces, with a rapid and coherent deployment, being able to carry out independent operations or the initial phase of operations with a bigger importance. 


JEME is informed in the Army

JEME is informed in the Army (Photo:J. De los Reyes Martínez/DECET)