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Spanish army

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Latest News

Friday, November 3, 2017

Number: 6320

Spanish Army Units payed tribute to their deceased

Tribute at "El Grao" cemetery in Valencia

Tribute at "El Grao" cemetery in Valencia (Photo:COMIL Valencia y Castellón)

Tribute at "El Carmen" cemetery in Valladolid

Tribute at "El Carmen" cemetery in Valladolid (Photo:SUIGENOR)

Tribute at "Torrero" cemetery (Zaragoza)

Tribute at "Torrero" cemetery (Zaragoza) (Photo:COMIL Zaragoza y Teruel)

On the occasion of the All Souls' Day, the 2nd of November, different units from the Spanish Army payed tribute to those who gave their lifes for Spain, in a series of events celebrated along the whole Spanish geography such as:

In Almeria, the Light Infantry Brigade "Rey Alfonso XIII", 2nd of the Legion, brought forward the event to the 30th of October, at San José y Santa Ana Cemetery. The emotional and commemorative event was chaired by the Chief of the Brigade, General Juan J. Martín Cabrero, and it was attended by different military authorities and committees from the city.

In Melilla, the tribute to the deceased was payed at the Héroes Pantheon placed in the local cemetery Purísima Concepción. Headed by the General Commandant Gutiérrez Díaz de Otazu, the act honoured those heroes, decorated or not, known or unknown, that rest in peace at the graveyeard from Melilla distributed through the different units' pantheons of the General Command or through the military smallholdings, and that deserve a deep tribute because of their sacrifices.

On the part of the Military Command from Valencia and Castellón, it was celebrated, one more year, at the military pantheons from the cemeteries in Paterna, Valencia and Castellón, a commemorative act to those who gave their lifes for the country. This time, the event was specially emotional due to an exceptional celebration that took place at the cemetery "El Grao" , in Valencia, where 32 Spanish soldiers who died during the Cuban War (1895-98) rest in peace, coinciding with the celebration of the international conference about that same military conflict.

Furthermore, at the military pantheon at the local cemetery "El Carmen" in Valladolid, the Chief of the 4th General Sub-inspection of the Spanish Army and the Military Commandant from Valladolid and Palencia, General José Rivas Moriana, accompanied by the chiefs of the military units from the city, payed tribute to all the soldiers who gave their lifes for the country along the Spanish history.

At the Torrero cemetery from Zaragoza, where there are two smallholdings consisting on 136 graves, filled mainly by soldiers who died during the 40s and the 50s, the chief of the 1st Brigade "Aragón", General José L. Sánchez Martínez-Falero, chaired, together with General Óscar Lamsfus Galguera, Chief of the Logistic Brigade, a military ceremony which was attended by the chief of the city's units, as well as by a representation of the officers, NCOs and professional troop soldiers too.

Likewise, the General Commandant from Ceuta conducted its own commemorative act at Santa Catalina Cemetery. Headed by the General Commandant Javier Sancho Sifre, it was offered a Laurel Wreath and performed a speech towards the monolith that reminds of those who died during the African War. The song "Death Is Not The End"  comforted with its chords and its truth to those who every single day risk their lifes for the defense of Spain.