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Spanish army

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  • La ministra de Defensa destaca en la visita a unidades de Valencia el compromiso de España con la OTAN

Latest News

Friday, November 24, 2017

Number: 6360

The Minister of Defense highlights in her visit to units from Valencia the commitment of Spain with NATO

The Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, has pointed out, the 23rd of November in Valencia, during her visit to the NATO High Readiness Staff (CGTAD in Spanish), the commitment that Spain keeps with the Atlantic Alliance.

This way, she  has stated that the different exhaustive procedures of certification are backed up by the General Staff in order to lead the operations of the Alliance whenever it will be necessary. The Minister of Defense has highlighted that "the commitment of Spain with the NATO is constantly being renewed and, furthermore, each day, it is more solid and necessary for the collective defense in a world where threats are more global each time."

The Land Force's High Readiness General Staff, heir of The Old Captaincy General of Valencia, is a Spanish Army's first level Command that contains the elements that are useful for the base to constitute the Army's Staff for Army Corps or the Land Force Command. 

The CGTAD, consisting on a General Army Staff for Army Corps, is not only placed in Valencia - Santo Domingo base, Captaincy General of Valencia - but also in Bétera - "Jaime I" base - where it could be found allied personnel.

Afterwards, in Marines, the Minister of Defense has visited an exhibition of technical capacities of the material in the different units placed at the base "General Almirante".

The Minister in one of the exhibitions of material

The Minister in one of the exhibitions of material  (Photo:MINISDEF)