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Spanish army
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Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

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  • Más de 1.100 militares de tropa del Ejército se han desvinculado durante 2017

Latest News

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Number: 6413

More than 1100 members of troop personnel of the Army have dissociated themselves during 2017

1135 members of troop personnel of the Spanish Army have joined some centre of instruction in order to promote inside the Armed Forces or, on the contrary, they have dissociated themselves obtaining a place in the State Security Corps and Forces during 2017.

From them, 471 members of troop personnel have obtained a place to draft into ranks of officers and Non-commissioned officers of the Spanish Army during 2017. From these, 400 accessed, through internal promotion to the General Basic Academy of Non-commissioned officers and one aspirant, through direct access. In the case of the General Military Academy, 51 soldiers accessed through internal promotion, while four accessed directly.

The results obtained by the aspirants to access the State Security Corps and Forces were also good, yet the majority of the places (563) were achieved for the Civil Guard by booking them and 63 through direct access. In the case of the National Police, 10 soldiers obtained a place from the booked ones in the Armed Forces and 28 did it through direct access. That is to say, altogether 664 members of rank troop accessed in the Civil Guard and in the National Police.

While the booked positions for the members of troop personnel  and marines to access to the Civil Guard were totally filled, in the case National Police, only 17 from the 522 offered were filled, 10 from these by members of rank troop of the Spanish Army.

To these number, it has to be added the members of troop personnel of the army who obtain a place as permanent staff of the Ministry of Defense, as well as in other organisms belonging to the General Management of the State.

Attending personnel in a supporting class

Attending personnel in a supporting class (Photo:MAPER)