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Spanish army

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  • El homenaje a los Reyes eméritos se suma al de las Fuerzas Armadas en la Pascua Militar

Latest News

Monday, January 8, 2018

Number: 6424

To the tribute to the Armed Forces it is added one to the emeritus Kings in 'Pascua Militar'

The expressed speech of gratitude of King Philip VI to his father, the emeritus King Juan Carlos I, for "all the years of loyal service to Spain", opened his speech of  "Pascua Militar", that took place the 6th of January at the Royal Palace in Madrid. 

The presence of King Juan Carlos I, for the first time since the relay of the throne took place, opens a series of institutional tributes organized as ground for his early 80 years old. The event was also attented by Queen Sofía, who will reach that same age in November of 2018.

For that reason, the emeritus Kings were the main characters of the event, which was chaired by the King Philip together with the Queen Letizia, apart from the military and the Civil Guard personnel who were decorated the day that, traditionally, marks the beginning of the military year and commemorates the reclaim of Plaza de Mahón the 6th of January of 1782. This fact carried out the conquest of Minorca, which until then was governed by England since 1713 due to the Treaty of Utrecht.

The Monarch addressed to the military representatives, who were also accompanied by the Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army (JEME in Spanish), General Varela, in order to praise the professionality of the Armed Forces and of the Civil Guard, and their role in international missions, where 2.500 Spanish soldiers are deployed. He also asked them the ability to adapt themselves in this period characterized by a constant change and uncertainty.

Minister's Balance

"Pascua Militar" is used, also, to make a balance of the previous year and to mark the lines of action for the next one. This way, the Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, highlighted the fact that, in 2017, Spain assumes the command of the European Union's Force to fight against humans trade in the Mediterranean Sea and of training forces in the Central African Republic, and that currently it is carrying out its task in Mali.

She repeated the compromise "without reservations" of the Armed Forces with the unity and the future of Spain, its disposition to advance in the economic convergence among the members of the Armed Forces and the Security Forces and Corps, or the impulse of a new investing cycle, with a validity of 15 years, with the aim of developing modern and updating programmes and the possession of the necessary capacities for our Armed Forces, among other matters.

All over Spain

 "Pascua Militar", instituted by King Charles III, was celebrated in many other places of Spain, where the different chiefs held the representation of the King, such as in Seville, where it is placed the staff of the Land Force; in Valencia, at the High Readiness Force Land staff; in La Coruña, at the Captaincy General Palace; and at Captaincies of Barcelona and the Canary Islands; or in the General Commands of the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

In these events, it was included a military parade and the awarding of decorations to distinguished personnel.

King's speech in "Pascua Militar"

King's speech in "Pascua Militar" (Photo:MINISDEF)