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Latest News

Friday, May 11, 2018

Number: 6641

in Almagro (Ciudad Real)

Farewell to the Army Airmobile Forces contingent which will be deployed in Iraq

"Coronel Sánchez Bilbao" base of the Army Airmobile Forces of the Spanish Army (FAMET in Spanish) located in Almagro (Ciudad Real), has greeted the 10th of May the Farewell Act of the soldiers who will be deployed in Iraq the next days with five helicopters -three chinook and two cougar-. The Command of the unit, which will be integrated inside the international coalition of fighting against jihad terrorism, headed by the United States of America, is leaded by Major Gala Gallego.

The Major has explained that the current threat in the area is quite low and that the 75 soldiers who form part of the contingent have carried out during these last months a demanding training which will allow them to face any issue that they may find in the zone.

The helicopters are equipped with the last technological advances in order to hold the extreme weather conditions in Iraq during Summer; with systems to operate in high temperatures and to prevent damages provoked by sand.

The members of the 8th ISPHUEL have received during the act a commemorative small flag by the hands of the chief of the FAMET, General Juan C. González Díez, who reminded them that the key to success is placed in the team spirit, cohesion, fellowship and discipline. "With these valors, and just with them, I am sure that you will overcome any difficulty which may appear during these next six months", stated in his speech.

The soldiers will arrived by plane to Kuwait, where they will pick up the helicopters, installing them there and travelling with them to Iraq.


Formation of the contingent during the act

Formation of the contingent during the act (Photo:DECET)