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Spanish army

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Latest News

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Number: 6717

Margarita Robles takes over from María Dolores de Cospedal at the head of Defense

The Defence Portfolio is taken over

The Defence Portfolio is taken over (Photo:J. De los Reyes Martínez/DECET)

Ministers and former ministers with those attending the event

Ministers and former ministers with those attending the event (Photo:J. De los Reyes Martínez/DECET)

Margarita Robles reviews the training

Margarita Robles reviews the training (Photo:J. De los Reyes Martínez/DECET)

Margarita Robles has taken over as head of the Ministry of Defence, having taken up her post with the rest of the new Executive at Zarzuela Palace, in a ceremony held this morning at the ministerial base in Madrid.

The new head of Defence, once she has greeted the former Minister María Dolores de Cospedal and the Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Fernando Alejandre, has reviewed the company of honours, made up of members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Guard, in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defence.

After greeting the other civil and military authorities present -among them the Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, General Francisco J. Varela Salas, the Chief of General Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Teodoro E. López Calderón, and the Chief of General Staff of the Air Force, Air General Francisco Javier Salto -, the ministerial portfolio between María Dolores de Cospedal and Margarita Robles was transferred inside the building.

Subsequently, the new Minister of Defence addressed all those present, saying that after 23 years in various public functions from which she has fought against terrorism and defended the rule of law, "there is no greater pride for me than defending the rule of law in Spain, now from the Ministry of Defense". In this regard, Robles referred to article 8 of the Constitution, which established the mandate for the Armed Forces to defend constitutional values: "This defense must be based on dialogue and tolerance", he stressed. He also highlighted the "serious, discreet and silent work of men and women who make up the Armed Forces, which is not always recognized as such by the same direction". To these men and women, Margarita Robles has said that the minister "is going to be her main support".

In addition, the new head of the Defence Department has remembered the 330 soldiers killed in the line of duty in recent decades and has expressed her support and gratitude to them and their families, "as well as asking forgiveness of all those to whom forgiveness must be asked, once and all the times that it is necessary". In addition, Robles has acknowledged that she is proud of the work that the Spanish Armed Forces carry out in the missions abroad in which they are deployed, mentioning that "they are the best representatives of Spain outside its borders". The minister also opted for its modernisation, because 'the modernisation of the Armed Forces means the modernisation of Spain and its Constitution'. As a faithful believer in State policies, as has been acknowledged in the audience, Margarita Robles has assured that, if from any Ministry State policies are made, "that is the Ministry of Defence" and that it should be exercised "without party positions". Finally, Robles paraphrased Carmen Chacón, one of her predecessors in office, saying that "from a deep love for Spain, for peace and freedom, we are going to work". As a final touch to the event, the new head of Defense made a toast, along with all the attendees, to the King and to Spain.