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'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Number: 6300

In extremis rescue to finish 'Valetudinaria' seminar

An in extremis rescue of hostages operation, whose planning periods and execution are more limited than they usually are, marked the end of the practice part of the seminar "Valetudinaria", conducted by the Special Operations Command (MOE in Spanish) in Alicante, from the 16th to the 19th of September.

Specifically, the last exercise was developed around Casino Villajoyosa, where the hostages were kidnaped. The scene portrayed a state of maximun terrorist  attack alert, where the use of the Armed Forces' abilities were contemplated.

In fact, during the sham, the sanitary aspects of tactical, assistance and evacuation's intervention were under the military operational's control, with a whole integration of the participating emergency civil services. Among them, the Roadside Assistance from Alicante (DYA in Spanish), the 061 from Murcia, Urgent Action from Pego, SAMUR, Spanish Society of Urgencies and Emergencies' Medicine, Psychologists Without Borders and the Faculty of Medicine at CEU in

On the military side, apart from the Special Operations Command, Supporting Forces to Special Operations such as Engineers' Command collaborated too, together with other units from the Military Canine Centre of Defense, from the Civic-Military Cooperation Batallion and from the Air-mobile Forces of the Spanish Army.

The seminar "Valetudinaria", that also consisted on a theoretical part, has as main objective to improve the processes and mutual knowledge of the abilities of the Special Operations and the emergency civil services towards a possible situation of cooperation in a national area, as well as the compilation of exportable techniques and procedures in missions abroad.

Sanitary Asisstance in a sham

Sanitary Asisstance in a sham (Photo:MOE)