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  • The 11th Brigade 'Extremadura' starts its fifth mission in Lebanon

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Number: 6357

The 11th Brigade 'Extremadura' starts its fifth mission in Lebanon

General Francisco J. Romero Marí, new Chief of the Eastern Sector's Brigade of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL in Spanish), has received the United Nations' flag, as a symbol of the relief in the command of the Multinational Force in an act celebrated at the base "Miguel de Cervantes" in Marjayoun, by the hands of the UNIFIL's General Chief, Michael Beary, the 20th of November. General Venancio Aguado de Diego, Chief of the Brigade "Canarias", has been the chief of the contingent that has developed the mission during these last months.

The General Chief of the UNIFIL chaired the relief act in between both contingents (27th and 28th). Among the guests, he was accompanied by the representative of the Spanish Embassy in Beirut, Ricardo Santos; the Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces in the South of Litani, General Robert El Alam; as well as religious and council representatives.

The 11th Brigade "Extremadura" will continue from now on with the assigned tasks by the Resolution 1701 for the UNIFIL at its area of responsability, in its fifth deployment in the South of Lebanon. "We come in order to contribute to this task, so, the collaboration with the authorities and the Lebanese population is fundamental for us and it will guide each and every one of the activities that we will conduct in the area", stated General Romero Marí in his speech.

During the next six months, members of the contingent will carry out patrols, observation posts, activities of civic-military cooperation and they will lend their collaboration to the Cervantes Programme, consisting on teaching Spanish to the inhabitants from the South of Lebanon.

The Eastern Sector assigned to the vigilance of the United Nations (ONU in Spanish) and that from now on will be leaded by General Romero Marí is composed by around 3.500 Peacekeepers, from 8 different nations: Brasil, El Salvador, Fiyi, Indonesia, Nepal, Serbia and Spain. Furthermore, the People's Republic of China contributes with a hospital in that area. Their new Chief addressed them in his speech: "I am aware that this is a complicated and demanding labour, but I trust in the professionality of the United Nation's soldiers, independently of their nationality, and that their work, in perfect collaboration with the authorities, the Army and the Lebanese population, will be developed without any incidents and it will be a step closer to this definitive peace that we all wish for sure. 

General Romero receives United Nations' Flag

General Romero receives United Nations' Flag (Photo:EMAD)