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  • NATO's Spanish Staff , important contribution to 'Trident Javelin 17'

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Monday, November 27, 2017

Number: 6366

NATO's Spanish Staff , important contribution to 'Trident Javelin 17'

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain Headquarters (HQ NRDC-ESP in English) conducted the principal effort of the offensive operation that ejected the invading army from the North of Norway in the exercise "Trident Javelin 17" that was developed from the 3rd to the 18th of November in the installations of the Joint Training Center of the NATO, in Stavanger (Norway).

The HQ NRDC-ESP has contributed to the exercise providing a response cell that simulated a command post of a Multinational Army's corp that planned incidents that should have been resolved by the Land Forces Staff (LANDCOM), which was evaluated and certified in the conduction of a joint operation as Land Component Command, main aim of the exercise. The HQ NRDC-ESP also completed with personnel the staff of the LANDCOM with Spanish soldiers and allied stationed to the NRDC-ESP of Bétera (Valencia). Likewise, they also contributed to the Field Artillery Command, the Joint Special Operations Command and the Signals Command.

Furthermore, the LANDCOM commanded other three multinational staffs of the Army Corp entity, and one of division entity and, above, the Joint Command of Brussum (The Netherlands).

Altogether, the HQ NRDC-ESP provided to the exercise of command posts hundred of participants, both national and foreign, and the Spanish nationality was the second largest one, just behind the North American nationality.


Manoeuvre planning in the exercise

Manoeuvre planning in the exercise (Photo:CGTAD)