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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Number: 6374

The Engineers Command goes up into town

Putting into practice and developing the supporting combat procedures and the general support of Engineers in big urban areas, with the presence of civil population and hybrid threat, has been the main aim of the exercise "Integración", driven by the Engineers Command, and carried out from the 18th to the 24th of November in the manoeuvres field "Renedo-Cabezón" and its surrounding áreas.

Altogether six companies partipated in this execution phase, representing all the capacities that this Command has: a company of mechanised engineers, a light company of engineers, a company of vertical construction, a company of recconnaissance and cleanliness of areas, a company of railroads and one of amphibious operations.

Its capacities have been combined and integrated in order to overcome, under the best conditions, 24 tactical topics that were set out, and that included from the own requests for combat support during the assault to a population or consolidation of taken areas, until the necessity of renovating the essential services for the civil population in next phases.

During the activities the railroad infrastructure of the old machine garage of Valladolid-Campogrande station, the tunnels and buildings of the powder factory Sarón de Duero, and some of the installations of the old ammunition factory of Santovenia del Pisuerga were used.

Establishing a minefield practice


Establishing a minefield practice (Photo:Ángel Tejedor/DECET)