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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Number: 6404

Future soldiers conduct exercises in 'Cerro Muriano'

And the Parachuting Course in Alcantarilla (Murcia)

Combat order practice

Combat order practice (Photo:CEFOT nº 2)

Students' parachute jumping

Students' parachute jumping  (Photo:CEFOT nº 2)

Inside of the second training phase of the students from the 2nd Troop Training Centre of the First Season in 2017, have conducted, from the 26th of November to the 1st of December at the manoeuvre field "Cerro Muriano" (Córdoba), shooting and combat training exercises of alpha type, framed inside of the programme of instruction of the Specific Training Phase.

There, the future soldiers conducted the activities, highlighting among them a 25km walk on a land that tested their resistance abilities. Furthermore, they also performed topographical walks, tactical themes, apart from shooting and combat training exercises with the rifle HK-G36E.

Likewise, they also had the opportunity to see in situ army-issue weapons belonging to the 10th Brigade "Cordoba", in the specialities of Light Infantry, Cavalry, Engineers and Signals.

Basic Parachuting Course

On the other hand, the 27th of November, the director of the centre, colonel José Mª Jiménez, inspected the students of the second group belonging to the 1st Season of 2017, who develop the Basic Parachuting Course at the Parachuting Military School "Méndez Parada", of the Air Forces, in Alcantarilla (Murcia).

During this day, the students faced their first initial jumps, from the six which are compulsory to pass the course, from a height of 400m. After the jumps, the director had a meeting with the soldiers and gave to them brief notes about the importance of controlling and getting over scary feelings, as well as encouraging them to follow this line in order to successfully pass the course and the last weeks that remain to pass the Specific Training Phase, before joining to their stationed units.