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'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Number: 6438

Change of command in Latvia

Brigade 'Guzmán el Bueno' takes 'Extremadura's' baton

By doing this, all the members of the 10th Brigade "Guzmán el Bueno", with supports of personnel of the 11th and 21st Groups of Logistical Support and of the 21th Regiment of Signals, which form the main body of the Tactical subgroup, have started their mission, taking the baton of their partners belonging to the 11th Brigade "Extremadura", who opened this stage to the Spanish Army seven months ago and that already came back to national territory.

This transfer of authority between both contingents took place the 15th of January at the Latvian base, with the presence of the national military representant of the NATO, general Sáenz de Santamaría, who chaired the act; the ambassador of Spain in Latvia, Pedro Jiménez Nàcher; the chief of the 10th Brigade, general Lázaro, and the chief of the Latvian Brigade, colonel Atis.

The new rotation stays, as its predecessor, framed inside of the Tactical group which leads Canada, and contributes, among other capacities, "Pizarro" combat vehicles and "Leopardo" tanks, the materials with bigger resolvent power of the operation.

Lieutenant Colonel Tarifa receives the Regimental Standard

Lieutenant Colonel Tarifa receives the Regimental Standard (Photo:EMAD)