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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Number: 1033

For media professionals

The Army organises the 8th War Correspondent Workshop

To be undertaken in the vicinity of Madrid and Toledo from 26th to 30th September

VIII Jornadas de Corresponsales de Guerra


During the upcoming month of September, the 8th War Correspondent Workshop will begin, organised by the Army War College and in collaboration with the Army Headquarters Department of Communication, units in Madrid and Toledo, as well as the TEPESA enterprise.

This Workshop, open to all professionals who work for a media firm, aims to share Army experience in operations abroad.  The main objective of the Workshop is to provide participants with skills and knowledge that allow them to undertake their work when they travel to a crisis or conflict region.

The training to be offered at this Workshop is of an eminently practical nature, which will include knowledge of medical prevention and basic life support, self-protection measures, identification of military materiel, survival in contaminated areas, landmine and improvised explosive awareness, all-terrain driving, helicopter flight, transport in combat vehicles, as well as a practical exercise in bivouac living and night movement.  The Workshop will close with a panel discussion on experiences during conflicts by renowned radio, television and press journalists.

The period for requesting a place at the Workshop begins on 22nd July, when the conditions will also be made available, and ends on 26th August.   Registration may be requested by submitting the registration form to the postal address given or by completing this form and sending it by e-mail to prensa@et.mde.es

The number of places is limited, due to organisational reasons, and the Army Department of Communication reserves the right of selection.