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'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Number: 6389

Parades and military events in order to celebrate Saint Barbara

Parade in the event celebrated in Leon

Parade in the event celebrated in Leon (Photo:MACA)

Event celebrated in Burgos

Event celebrated in Burgos (Photo:RACA nº 11)

In Lebanon Saint Barbara was also celebrated

In Lebanon Saint Barbara was also celebrated (Photo:PIO Líbano)

The artillery men from all over Spain have celebrated, the 4th of December, their Patron Saint anniversary, Saint Barbara, with events and military acts that have gained relevance in the units of the Army's corps.

The parade of the Land Based Air Defense's Command was chaired by the chief of the Land Based Air Defense Artillery's Command, general De los Santos.
The celebration was spread out to all the units which form part of it, as happened in the dependents of the Campaing Artillery's Command, of the Canary Islands Command and the General Commands of Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla.

As tradition, during the military acts, it took place an imposition of awards to the Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of command and troop of the units. In most of them, it was also awarded the degree of Artillery man of Honour to people who kept a special bound with the unit, such as the case of the 11th Regiment of Artillery of Campaing, awarded to the president of the Cultural Association of Friends of the Military Museum in Burgos, Francisco Angulo. 

Saint Barbara in mission

In international missions where there are contingents of the Army, this event was also celebrated.

For example, in Lebanon, where the components of the Brigade "Extremadura" are deployed for a month, it was not missed the reminder of this highlighted date, in which units from other countries who share the control of the area in United Nations' mission, were also involved.