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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Number: 6419

More than 600 soldiers say goodbye to the 2nd Military Training Centre (CEFOT 2 in Spanish)

Altogether 609 new soldiers have overcome the Phase of Specific Instruction in the Specialities of Light Infantry, Field Artillery,  Air Defense and Coast Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers and Signals in the 2nd Military Training Centre in San Fernando (Cádiz).

All of them participated, the 22nd of December, in an event where they received the certificate that proves the employment of soldier and, furthermore, another certificate was given to the best soldiers of each Specialities due to their good academic marks.

After four months since they drafted the Centre, they have completed the Phase of Military General and Specific Instruction, in which they have followed a complete programme of instruction, receiving the necessary theoretical and practical lessons so that a soldier can become a combatant, as well as obtain an adecuate fitness and the necessary skill in parade and combat instruction, and in shooting exercises.

This way, they are ready to join their units, where they will start their professional life as soldiers of the Army.

New soldiers receiving their certificates

New soldiers receiving their certificates  (Photo:CEFOT 2)