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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Number: 6421

The Spanish Army in the most important Christmas' young fairs

The Army attending 'Iberocio' in Badajoz

The Army attending 'Iberocio' in Badajoz (Photo:BRI XI)

Army's participation at Expo Jove, in Valencia

Army's participation at Expo Jove, in Valencia (Photo:MATRANS)

The Army has attended the most important fairs addressed to young people which are organized during Christmas in cities such as Badajoz or Valencia.

In Badajoz, the 11th Brigade was the responsible of the representation of the Army in "Iberocio", the fair of young people of Extremadura, which was closed the 30th of December.

In one of its pavilions, the Army organized an exhibition of vehicles and material where the kids could see closer the equipments, go on zip-line, run an obstacle race or use metal detectors.

The 8th Cavalry Regiment "Lusitania", the 16th Cavalry Light Armoured Group "Milán", the 21st Regiment of Signals, the 1st Regiment of NBC Defense (NBQ in Spanish) and the Battalion of Civic and Military Cooperation have collaborated to the 36th edition of Expo Jove in Valencia, which ends the 4th of January.

Apart from showing some of their most signiticant materials, and due to the fact that the fair was focused this year to the idea of a healthy diet, those who attended the event were informed about how soldiers eat when they are performing manoeuvres or deployments in missions abroad.

The contribution was completed with a gallery of photos and videos where it was represented how the Army fought in the well-known "Batalla del Barro", helping the civilian population to come back to normality after the flood that took place in October of 1957.