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'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Number: 6431

The quick intervention of a corporal from the 5th Regiment 'Zaragoza' helps to arrest a thief

Official picture of Corporal Luque

Official picture of Corporal Luque (Photo:BRI VI)

Corporal Luque, belonging to the 3rd Bandera "Ortiz de Zárate", in the 5th Regiment "Zaragoza", demostrated a heroic attitude pursuing and reducing, the 22nd of Decemeber, a thief who was stealing a woman's purse in a street of Alcantarilla (Murcia).

The pursuit took place at Escultor José Planes square, when the corporal was going for a walk with his family and accompanied by his brother, who also belongs to the 3rd Bandera. Being alarmed by a man running along behind the alleged thief, the corporal pursued and catched the thief, avoiding, this way the theft with the help of his brother.

During the event, a citizen called the Natinal Police and a patrol arrived to the place a few minutes later to take responsability of the criminal. The purse was recovred by its owner, who was very grateful to the corporal because of his heroic deed.

Alcantarilla's National Police Corp has shown its consideration to corporal Luque and they sent a statement, thanking his "invaluable collaboration with the civil servants of Alcantarilla's police station when arresting the thief, originator of this theft with violence and intimidation to a citizen from the town", states the text.

The Corporal assures that he feels a great personal satisfaction because of his act of helping other person. "It is something that does not need to be though, you just do it".