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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Banqueting Hall

Vista general


Detalle del tapiz

Tapestry details

Used as a banqueting hall for special events, it was well-known, in the 19th Century, as "Verboo" Hall, paying tribute to the Marquess and distinguished Spanish engineer with that same name.

In empire-style, the living room is headed by a spectacular tapestry called "Desafío del Vizcaíno y Aventuras de los Molinos", which belongs to a series of El Quijote, inspired by Andrea Procaccini's works (Factory of tapestries' director from Vaticano), and his disciple Doménico Sani.

From the roof it can be distinguised an openwork in form of lattice, inspired by the Renaissance period. From it a lamp made of glass is hung, decorated with golden bronze vetable items in empire-style as well.

The furniture is Ferdinand VII style. It is distinguised a folding screen from the 17th century, renovated at the end of te 19th Century. On it, the initials of the King Alfonso XII and his first wife María de la Mercedes are engraved.

Over the chest of drawers there is a French clock of Luis XVI style that shows the peculiarity of presenting both, engraved Roman numerals in the hour hand and Arabic numerals in the minute hand.