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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra


Spanish Constitution 1978 (General Index)


TITLE I :Fundamental Rights and Duties

  • Chapter 1: Spaniards and Aliens
  • Chapter 2: Rights and freedoms
    • Division 1: Fundamental Rights and Public Freedoms
    • Division 2: Rights and Duties of Citizens
  • Chapter 3: Principles governing Economic and Social Policy.
  • Chapter 4: Guarantee of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
  • Chapter 5: Suspension of Rights and Freedoms

TITLE II: The Crown

TITLE III:The Cortes Generales

  • Chapter 1: Houses of Parliament
  • Chapter 2: Drafting of Bills
  • Chapter 3: International Treaties

TITLE IV: Governmet and Administration

TITLE V: Relations between The Government and the Cortes Generales

TITLE VI:Judicial Power

TITLE VII:Economy and Finance

TITLE VIII:Territorial Organization of the State

  • Chapter 1: General Principles
  • Chapter 2: Local Government
  • Chapter 3: Self-governing Communities

TITLE IX:The Constitutional Court

TITLE X : Constitutional Amendment

PROVISIONS (additonal, transitional, repeals and final

Constitution (ZIP file 35Kb)