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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra


Soldiers with Red Decoration.

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Section of the decorated soldiers with the military merit Cross with Red Decoration.
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Access to Major Franco's narrative text
Access to Major Franco's narrative text
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Access to Alferez Guisado's narrative text
Access to Alferez Guisado's narrative text



It is not needed to make this question anymore: where will be written down the story of those soldiers who shared our days and who are tracing with their facts the most modern epic poem of the Spanish Army? Perhaps poets and novelists will arrive soon to sum them up; however, in the meantime, their adventures will be collected in this section of our webpage.

Constitution and Armed Forces Articles that affect the Armed Forces, the National Anthem, list of laws that develop constitutional precepts
Spanish Constitution 1978 General index
Royal Ordinances (spanish only) Law 85/1978, Royal Decree 2945/1983, Royal Decree 96/2009
Constitutional Law 9/2011 Rights and duties of members of the Armed Forces
Law 17/99 Regulations for Armed Forces Personnel
Law 39/2007 The Professional Military Career
Royal Decree 1735/2000 Joining the Armed Forces
Royal Decree 1460/1999 Armed Forces. Template
Law 8/2006 Troop and Seamen
  • Dirección de Asistencia al Personal 
  • Dirección de Personal del ET 
  • Salidas profesionales para el personal Militar  
  • Valores del Ejército de Tierra 


Available applications for mobile devices

The personnel's Command has created applications for mobile phone which make easier to join the Spanish Army and to get information about the personnel's facilities.