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Formulario de Búsqueda
Spanish Army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish Army

Ejército de Tierra

Seal your Commitment:

Oath or Promise before the Flag of Spain for Civilian Personnel

In order to allow Spaniards, who do not desire to join the Armed Forces in a professional manner, to be able to demonstrate their commitment to the defence of Spain by taking an oath or making a promise before the Flag, it is necessary to set the procedure to request and carry out such a provision…...

Acceso calendario Ministerio de Defensa



          Oath of allegiance act in Barcelona              Oath of allegiance act in Los Realejos (Tenerife)


Jura de Bandera Jaen 2017

Jura de Bandera Madrid 2017

               Oath of allegiance act in Jaen                                  Oath of allegiance act in Madrid