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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra



Armed Forced Common Corps

 Armed forced common corps

The Spanish Armed Forces, in addition to their specific Corps, have four more Common Corps:  Military Juridical, Intervention, Medical and Military Music. Before unifying and depending organically directly on the Ministry of Defence, these Corps were integrated into each of the three branches of the Armed Forces.  With this measure, the Department centralized the management of this personnel with the criteria of efficiency and resource economy. 

The first of the Common Corps, which unified in 1985, was the Military Intervention Corp.  It was followed by Military Legal in 1988 and when  Law 17/89 Regulator of the Regime of Professional Military Personnel came into force, the Ministry of Defence also assumed administrative management of the Military Medical and Military Music Corps. 

To join the Upper Officer Scale  of the Common Corps it is necessary to be an  advanced university graduate. To access the Officer Scale, a  diploma course graduate, and for the Non-Commissioned Officer Scale -as is the case for the speciality of Military Music Corp Instrumentalist- hold the  instrumentalist diploma. In all cases, the maximum age at entrance is 30 years. 

The Common Corps may be accessed directly and by internal promotion.  In both cases two tests must be passed.  Once passed, the students will spend 3 months rotating through the Military Academies of the three branches of the Armed Forces, where they will carry out a training phase, and 6 months in the Defence Group of Schools.