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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra



Military Intervetion Corp

The members of the Military Intervention Corp, grouped into the Upper Officer Scale, has as missions to carry out in the scope of the Defence Ministry and the autonomous organisms attached to the same, the  internal control of the economic-financial management  by means of exercising the function of inspection, financial and auditing control, by delegation from the general comptroller of the National Administration, as well as exercise the  military notary's office in the manner and under the conditions set out by law and fiscal-economic council, as well as  issuing any reports which may be requested of them by higher Defence Ministry authorities. 

In the performance of their missions they will exercise the command function in centres or organisms.  Also, corresponding to them are the functions of  administration and logistics, of command support, technical-optional and educational functions related with these missions. 

The employments of the Military Intervention Corp range from lieutenant to major general.  They have the designations of the corresponding employment followed by the term "comptroller".

To be admitted to the Military Intervention Corp, it is necessary to have a  university degree in Business Administration, Law or Economics, Actuarial and Financial Science.