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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra



Military Medical Corp

The members of the Military Medical Corp, grouped into the Upper Officer and the Non-Commissioned Officer Scales, have as their mission, in the scope of the Ministry of Defence and its autonomous organisms, healthcare in the logistic-operational and welfare fields, and those related with psychology, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

In carrying out their missions they may exercise the function of command in centres or organisms.  Also corresponding to them are the functions of  administration and logistics, of command support, as well as technical-optional and educational functions related with these missions. 

On the Upper Officer Scale of the Military Medical Corp the basic specialities are Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and Odontology.

On the Officer Scale of the Military Medical Corp there is only one basic speciality, Nursing.

The employments of the Military Medial Corp range from lieutenant to major general on the Upper Officer Scale and from second lieutenant to lieutenant colonel on the Officer Scale, all of them with designations of the corresponding employment followed by the term doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian, odontologist, psychologist or nurse, as corresponds. 

To be admitted to the Upper Officer Scale of the Military Medical Corp it is necessary to have a university degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine or Odontology.  For admission to the Officer Scale it is obligatory to hold the university degree of  DUE.