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Spanish Army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish Army

Ejército de Tierra

Shield of 11th brigade

11th Brigade "EXTREMADURA"


Main activities

Activities. Learn more...
  • Peacekeeping
  • Training
  • Supporting and collaborating with civilian bodies


Peace-keeping operations

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon

Come to 11th BRIMZ "Extremadura"



Brigadier General of the 11th 'Extremadura' Brigade

Brigadier General of the 11th 'Extremadura' Brigade


Welcome to the Website of the 11th Brigade ‘Extremadura.’
Belonging to the ‘SAN MARCIAL’ Division, this Brigade is one of the Spanish Army Units with the best fighting power. This Page wants to make public some of the most important aspects of the Brigade.
From its origins (1985 and located in Bótoa, Badajoz, and San Sebastián) THE 11th BRIGADE has stood out as one of the leading Units of the Army Land Forces. Its involvement in different international missions; both, UNO and NATO, along with great number of national and international exercises, have given an outstanding experience and reputation to this Brigade in spite of its youth.
This Unit combines History and modernity. Its Regiments (one of the earliest of the Army) have waved the Spanish Flag all over the world. Today, the international situation has changed and the demands are different. The Unit is in permanent readiness so it can be deployed and used with utmost professionalism, anywhere wanted. From 1992, the whole Brigade, or some of its Units, have participated in different places such as: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Mali and in all these places they have left a mark due to their efficiency and good job. Its maneuvering capacity, the firepower, protection and clash have turned them into versatile forces for fighting. That is why they belong to the technological cutting edge of the Spanish Armed Forces and they are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.
The 11th BRIGADE ‘Extremadura’ has excellent facilities. The material is modern and requires a special preparation to get the maximum performance. Both, battle tanks Leopardo, and battle vehicles from the Pizarro Infantry are matched up to the world best vehicles. Nonetheless, in order to have the highest standards and performance of this sophisticated material, specific knowledge is required from staff who handles it.
The battle tank platform due to its mobility, firepower, armor, autonomy and deterring effect, continues to be the ‘invincible Lord’ of the battlefield.
It is clear that our Soldier´s (males and females) continuous character, spirit of sacrifice and steady effort have raised the performance of this Unit to the highest levels. We are very proud to belong to this BRIGADE and this results in the daily improvement of its capacities.


Latest news of the unit


Monday, September 4, 2017