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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Escudo de la Unidad

7th “Galicia” Brigade


Main Activities

  • Instruction and combat training.
  • Carrying out exercises and manoeuvres in national and international training fields.
  • Participating in national missions.
  • Participating in international missions (NATO and EU framework in Europe).

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Foreign operations

Brilat en el mundo
  • Bosnia i Herzegovina.
  • Kosovo.
  • Iraq.
  • Afghanistan.
  • Pakistan.
  • Lebanon.
  • Mali.

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Welcome to the 7th “Galicia” Brigade web page

The 7th “Galicia” Brigade, one of the youngest brigades in our army, has already got a rich, varied and worthy legacy in international operations, as well as work on home soil. We identify ourselves as a united, modern, operational Great Unit, with staff accredited for their professional competence.

The glorious history of the Regiments and Battalions of our brigade, its deep-rooted traditions, the air transportation spirit that is shown in our goshawks, has been reinforced over the years by the 7th “Galicia” Brigade members, making this Great Unit an exemplary brigade, always at the forefront of the army units. The brigade takes on posts involving higher risk and exhaustion, but never complaining about the harsh conditions that it has to cope with, making it a resistant, selfless and experienced unit.

Our motto therefore combines the memory of heroic acts of our predecessors with our recent and current missions:


We thank you for your interest in us and for visiting our web page. We hope you enjoy finding out about our unit, made up of committed and determined men and women who have devoted their lives to the service of the Army and Spain.

Latest news of the unit

Artillero de Honor.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

El GACA VII de la BRILAT celebra los Actos en Honor a Santa Bárbara.

Un año más, los Artilleros de la BRILAT, han celebrado, los Actos en honor a la Excelsa Patrona del Arma de Artillería, Santa Bárbara, entre ellos caben destacar la Cena de Gala, celebrada viernes 29 de noviembre con una exitosa afluencia de 186 personas entre Artilleros y compañeros de armas de la BRILAT, la Comida de Hermandad de Hermandad, celebrada el 02 de Diciembre, en la cual se unen los Artilleros de la Plaza y el Personal de la Reserva, símbolo de cohesión y tradiciones artilleras, con una masiva afluencia de 166 personas.

Centro de Información y Operaciones de Artilleria antiaerea

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

La BRILAT en el ejercicio Toro 2019

El ejercicio TORO 19 tiene como finalidad adiestrar a una División, con sus capacidades propias y encuadrada en un Cuerpo de Ejército, además de a las unidades tipo Brigada para que éstas alcancen el nivel de adiestramiento deseable (AD) al finalizar su Fase de Adiestramiento General del Plan de Disponibilidad.