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Spanish Army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish Army

Ejército de Tierra

Escudo AGM

Academia General Militar.


The Monolith to the Fallen

"The Armies of Spain are heirs and custodians of a glorious military tradition. The tribute to the heroes who forged it is a debt of gratitude and a stimulus for the continuation of their work." This is what Article 16 of the Royal Ordinances for the Armed Forces says. It is therefore a duty of the members of the Armed Forces to preserve and transmit the traditions and symbols to keep alive the memory of all those who, by their patriotism, love of the country, dedication and willingness to sacrifice, offered their lives for the greatness of Spain.

At the entrance of the Academia General Militar there is a monolith dedicated to all who gave their lives for the Country. This monument was erected on the initiative of the teachers’ Corps of the Academia de Transformación de Infantería de Zaragoza (Academy of Transformation of Infantry of Zaragoza) when finishing its mission in February 1943. When the civil war finished, the site of the current Academia General Militar was used as Academy of Transformation of Provisional Infantry Officers until the General Military Academy was reopened in 1942-1943.

The Monolith to the Fallen
The Monolith to the Fallen (Photo: AGM)

The monolith reminds us of the soldiers of all times within the Armies of Spain, who fought with courage and loyalty and died with honor to defend peace, filling the pages of our history with glory. Their example should remain alive among us, class after class.

Thus, since the inauguration of this monolith, a tradition began which is still alive. When the cadets pass before it, they make a martial salute, thus paying their simple and well-deserved individual homage to all those anonymous heroes represented in it.