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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Escudo AGM

Academia General Militar.

XX Jornadas de Economía y Defensa  II Ciclo Internacional Conferencias de Liderazgo



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Student´s access
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Present of a Tradition

Present of a Tradition
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Cervantes Chair
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The Academia General Militar gives you the warmest welcome to its website. I would like to take the opportunity provided by new technologies to approach and introduce this educational center that since its foundation, in 1882 and throughout three discontinued periods of activity, has trained more than 23,000 officers in the Army, Civil Guard and Tri-Service Corps members of the Armed Forces.

Our goal is to educate officers with excellent technical training, careful physical preparation and strong moral base, accredited by the practice of those virtues that have always characterized the military institution and that are reflected in our beloved Cadet Code of Ethics. Officers prepared not only to manage the day to day of the units, but also able to lead teams in complex situations, able to make tough decisions and take full responsibility for their consequences. Officers, in fact, whose vocation and permanent objective is always to provide Spain with their best service.
To achieve this goal the Academy count on an excellent team, fully committed to our mission, composed of highly trained, gifted and talented professionals, with a great experience and a deep understanding of all facets of our Army. The exceptional work done by the military and civilian personnel of the center, both teachers and also those who carry out support tasks allow us to continue our progress year after year in the pursuit of excellence.


Latest news of the unit

Ciclo de Conferencias Cátedra Cervantes Curso 2018-2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Modificación del Programa Ciclo de Conferencias Cátedra Cervantes 2018-2019

Modificación del Programa del Ciclo de Conferencias de la Cátedra Cervantes correspondientes al Curso Académico 2018-2019

Honores a la Autoridad

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


El pasado 20 de febrero se desarrollaron en este Centro los actos conmemorativos del CXXXVII aniversario de la fundación de la Academia General Militar,