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  • Training to the limit at the Mountain and Special Operations Militar Academy

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viernes 8 de septiembre de 2017

Número: 6202

Training to the limit at the Mountain and Special Operations Militar Academy

Starting-up of the 73rd Mountain Course and the 62nd Special Operations Course in Jaca (Huesca)

"Reaching the limit of your personal skills and a huge professional ability" are the two promises that the director of the Mountain and Special Operations Militar Academy (EMMOE in Spanish), colonel José Chain, has made to the attending people from the 73rd Mountain Course and the 62nd Special Operations Course, which have started-up the 7th of September in Jaca (Huesca)

The students group of the first course will be formed by 33 militars carefully selected among 81 candidates. In the case of the second group, it will be formed by 44 militars, chosen among 93 candidates. Among them, there are officers and sub-officers belonging to the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Civil Guard.

The Mountain Course will last, approximately, nine months. During this time the students will acquire the knowledge and the required technical skills for surviving, moving and fighting in high mountain areas under extreme cold-weather conditions. In order to acquire those abilities, they will carry out tactical exercises and practicies in various valleys belonging to the Aragonese, Catalan and Navarrese Pyrenees, and also to the Peaks of Europe, under both, summertime and winter mountain enviroments. The course is highly tough at, concerning not only physically levels, but also at psycological levels and it demands a huge knowledge of preparation in procedures, in technical security rules and in materials.

Concerning time, The Special Operations Course is similar to the previous one. It is divided into three periods (basic, specific and expansion) to provide the students
with the required knowledge to conceive, to plan, to lead and to carry out the specific missions of the Special Operations, as well as providing a good advising to the leadership in this kind of missions. Predominantly practical, the attendance will realise exercises in all kind of areas and under any kind of weather, many of them during the night and in aquatic areas.
The course is developed, mainly, in Jaca and in other regions of the Aragonese Pyrenee, besides Alcantarilla and Cartagena (Murcia), and the " San Gregorio" National Centre of Training (Zaragoza). In these diverse settings, the students will be train in diverse subjects such as topography, gunshot, parachutting, water combat and military diving, survival and evasion, aeromobil operations, urban combat and the execution of tactic operations in colaboration with units of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

Courses' inauguration the 7th of September

 Courses' inauguration the 7th of September (Photo: EMMOE)