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Ejército de tierra

Ejército de Tierra

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  • Spanish artillerymen, the fastest in 'Trident Juncture'

Reportajes del Boletín de Tierra

lunes 5 de noviembre de 2018

Número: 6968

Spanish artillerymen, the fastest in 'Trident Juncture'

Integration in less than 24 hours into the Air Defense System of the Alliance

The Spanish Anti-aircraft Artillery Defense Unit (UDAA) participating in the 2018 Trident Juncture Exercise held during October and November in Norway has scored an important goal by achieving a successful integration into the Air Defense System of the Alliance.

They managed to do it in less than 24 hours, so they have set an example, as well as providing technical support to other UDAAs in creation of integration links with the NATO. This task has been monitored by the Deployable Air Control Centre located in the Oerland Air Station (Norway).

The 'Halcón' UDAA shares features regarding its target acquisition systems, providing it with effective early warning. For this purpose, an extra effort has been made in the use of specific means such as the PRC-117F Radio and methods of modular design of communication protocols, such as the use of IP encapsulation, necessary to reach this objective. Additionally, it has integrated into the national Command and Control system, and uses WAN PG and VoIP services through the TLB-50IP satellite terminal.

The UDAA, constituted on the basis of the I/74 Group and with the support of the Transmissions Unit of the Anti-aircraft Artillery Command, has achieved its primary goal in its participation in Trident Juncture, validating its preparation to be part of NATO High Readiness Forces that will become available in 2019.

Militares españoles en el ejercicio en Noruega

Spanish soldiers in the exercise in Norway