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  • Ratings tests for the ‘Castor’ have begun

Reportaxes do Boletin Terra

lunes 1 de julio de 2019

Número: 7483

Ratings tests for the ‘Castor’ have begun


General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Barbara Systems, the company which produces the new Castor Zapper combat vehicle, has begun ratings and validation tests on the new vehicle in their facilities in Seville, with the participation of the 10th Sapper Battalion.

This unit from the ‘Guzmán el Bueno’ Brigade was designated as the support unit to the Pizarro programme office regarding this vehicle and has also advised the company on aspects such as the configuration of the crew’s places, the composition of onboard equipment or the design of the loading plan.

The ratings tests which the Castor is currently undergoing were partially studied, designed and suggested by the task force from the 10th Sapper Battalion. These are being carried out at the same time as a basic training cycle for crews and maintenance staff from the 2nd level. This is necessary so that they can help in the field tests which are planned for next autumn in the ‘Cerro Muriano’ Manoeuvre and Shooting Range in Cordoba.

When it comes into service, the Army’s Sapper units will have a vehicle within which a variety of implements can be installed, according to the requirements of each mission. This is a new capability which the ‘Castor’ offers.


Ratings test for the vehicle

Ratings test for the vehicle