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Spanish army
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Spanish army

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  • La ministra de Defensa y el JEME visitan las sedes del Regimiento 'Arapiles' nº 62 en Cataluña

Latest News

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Number: 6284

Minister of Defense and JEME visit the headquarters of the 62nd Regiment "Arapiles" in Cataluña

Minister of Defense, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, and the Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army (JEME in Spanish), Francisco J. Varela Salas, have visited the base "General Álvarez de Castro", in San Clemente de Sasebas (Gerona), and the base "El Brunch", in Barcelona, 62nd Infantry Regiment Arapiles' headquarters, the 17th of October, where members from the Forces and Corps of the State's Security currently stay.

This situation has made the Regiment previously mentioned deserving of a commemorative plaque awarded by the Minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, as a gratitude signal for its collaboration, and given to the unit by the Defense representative.

Along the visit, Cospedal was informed about the air-accident that took place that same morning at the air-base in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), so her visit in San Clemente de Sasebas and in Barcelona was reduced with the aim of moving herself to Madrid as soon as possible.

Before leaving, the principal of Defense offered her sincere condolences to Lieutenant Fernando Pérez Serrano's family, pilot of the F-18 total-wrecked airplane. This air-accident is added to the one that took place the 12th of October, at the air-base of "Los Llanos" (Albacete), where Captain Borja Aybar García died in the Eurofigther that he was piloting. "When we will know the causes of both wrecked accidents, me myself will appear at the Congress of Deputies or wherever it will be stated" said Cospedal.

Minister of Defense's speech

Minister of Defense's speech  (Photo:MINISDEF)