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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra


"Tierra" digital edition nº 32 . March 2018

Download Accessible PDF, "Tierra" digital edition nº 32 . March 2018

Feature articles

martes 13 de marzo de 2018

8x8, el fin de la espera.

8x8, el fin de la espera.

La aspiración del Ejército de contar con un vehículo moderno que sustituyese a los veteranos Blindados Medios Ruedas (BMR) y fuese el vehículo clave de las modernas Brigadas viene de lejos. A finales de 2015 se firmaba el contrato para poner en marcha la primera fase (la de diseño y desarrollo), que culminará el próximo mes de noviembre con la llegada de cinco demostradores tecnológicos.

miércoles 21 de febrero de 2018

It goes further

It goes further

Hand-to-Hand Combat and Non-Lethal Intervention (CCC-INL in Spanish) is the youngest sport of military interest. In 2014 it took place its fire baptism with the celebration of the 1st Military Trophy of the Spanish Army and, in 2015, it took place the 1st CCC-INL Championship of the Spanish Army. Since then, there has been a great development, as from the three original modalities, ten have been currently reached, thanks to the impulse of the Army Central Committee of Physical Education (JCED in Spanish).

miércoles 14 de febrero de 2018

The ArmyChef was born in Valladolid

The ArmyChef was born in Valladolid

Time changes so people does; the same happens with the habits. Concerning cooking and catering, maybe now, they have evolved like never before. For that reason, the 61st Group of Logistical Support (AALOG) organized, in December, the first edition of the Updated Catering Days in Campaing of the Logistic Brigade (BRILOG), as a bet in order to update the specialists in Hotel and Catering (HAM in Spanish) and as a place of knowledge's exchange, based of the experience of the attending people.

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