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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra


Tierra Digital special edition January 2020

Feature articles

miércoles 30 de octubre de 2019

The Army’s plan in the Balearic Isles

The Army’s plan in the Balearic Isles

The Balearic Security Plan reinforces the military presence in parts of the archipelago between May and September.

martes 20 de agosto de 2019

Testing the new Alakran

Testing the new Alakran

The army is moving towards its 2035 goals by implementing and testing new equipment which will bring it closer to meeting its future needs. As the driving force behind the experiments for the Force 35 programme, the ‘Alfonso XIII’ Brigade, 2nd of the Legion, has been the pioneering unit in the evaluation of the Alakran, a mortar mounted in a light vehicle, developed by NTGS (New Technologies Global Systems) from the Everis group. The system has an 81/120 millimetre mortar fire capacity, although the tests focused on using 120mm.

jueves 8 de agosto de 2019

On land and in the sky

On land and in the sky

The paratrooper capacity is part of the 6th ‘Almogaveres’ Brigade’s DNA, but its contribution to the 2020 Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) is comprised of a unit, with support from the artillery and sappers.

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