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  • Constitution act of the Multinational Brigade Eastern Sector of the UNIFIL in Bótoa

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Number: 6324

Constitution act of the Multinational Brigade Eastern Sector of the UNIFIL in Bótoa

Constitution act of the Multinational Brigade Eastern Sector of the UNIFIL in Bótoa

The Multinational Brigade of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has been made up, the 3rd of November, in an act celebrated at the base "General Menacho" in Bótoa (Badajoz), under the presence of the General Francisco J. Dacoba, chief of the 11th Brigade "Extremadura", where it took place the formation of the 28th contingent's members that will be deployed soon in Lebanon.

The contingent's command, during the next six months, will be headed by Colonel Francisco J. Romero Marí. The soldiers that composed this contingent will ensure the compliance of the United Nations' 1701 resolution that was carried out in order to avoid another hostility outbreak from the South of Lebanon, as well as the instruction of the Lebanese Armed Forces so that they assume their relative tasks for the security of the area.

Six months of intense preparation and instruction, followed by an assessment exercise, have certified the 28th Brigade. For that reason, Colonel Romero, in his speech, praised the efforts made by men and women forming the contigent and who will develop an exciting job. It will consist on the formation of patrols, observation positions and civic-military cooperative activities, among others, as well as conducting a task in the program "Cervantes" for the teaching of Spanish to the inhabitants from the South of Lebanon.

Furthermore, the chief of the contingent did not forget about the important role that play the military's families, staying in Spain, for the successs of the mission: they are at the back, fulfilling their own mission, quiet and unknown by the Spanish society.

The act was chaired by different civil authorities, such as the central government representative from the Goverment of Badajoz, María del Pilar Nogales, as well as military authorities formed by the Representative of Defense in Extremadura, Colonel Ángel Freixenet. 

Constitutional Act of the 28th Brigade

Constitutional Act of the 28th Brigade  (Photo:BRI XI)