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'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Number: 6354

Melilla's units improve their capacities in 'Chinchilla'

 The offensive, defensive and stabilization actions have been performed at the manoeuvres' program planning that the units of Melilla have conducted, in between the 7th and the 17th of November, at the National Training Centre "Chinchilla" in Albacete.

Thanks to this exercise, the Tactical Group "Alhucemas" could improve its operative capacity in these kind of activities, one of its priority objective.
Previously to the phase in which the units were organized as Tactical Group, there was another one in which they were organized as tactical subgroups, that was useful in order to put into practice the tactical procedures with simultaneous participation of different units.

At this point arrived after instructing and training in their specific tasks and developing reconnaissances of the area, shooting exercises with individual and collective weapons, and tactical attack and defense exercises with real fire.

In this exercise there has been an entirely developed practice of the organic units of the General Command of Melilla: the 52th group "Regulares de Melilla"; Tercio "Gran Capitán", 1st of the Legion; the 10th Armoured Regiment of Cavalry "Alcántara"; the 32nd Regiment of Mixed Artillery; the 8th Regiment of Engineers or the 24th Logistic Unit. It was added personnel from other units such as a tactical team beloging to the Battalion of Civic Military Cooperation and an operators team of Aerial Vehicle with Remote Control from the Paratrooper Brigade's 3rd Bandera.

The units of Melilla are used to move once per year to the Peninsula in order to develop deployments and shooting exercises which, due to the specific conditions of Melilla and for space reasons, cannot be conducted there. The added difficulty in its case is the logistic operation of big magnitude that entails moving all the personnel and material by ship and then through road.

Development of one of the exercises

Development of one of the exercises (Photo:COMGEMEL)