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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Shield of the División 'San Marcial'

Division 'San Marcial'



  • Phase of preparation and projection to Lebanon.


Lebanon patrol



General jefe de la División

General Manuel Romero Carril.

Welcome to the ‘San Marcial’ Division Website

As Head of the "San Marcial" Division, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this Website on behalf of all its members. I hope all the contents here can meet your expectations and, once you finish the Web visit, you get a clear idea of the identity of the mechanized and armored Units of Spanish Army; our Army.
"San Marcial" Division was born on Jan 1st, 2017 as a result of the transformation of the former  Heavy Forces of the Spanish Army, from which inherits its history and traditions. Therefore, it is a continuation of the good work of a long saga of mechanized and armored Units that stretches all the way back to 1922; year in which the first combat tanks’ unit of Spain was created: ‘Tank Assault Company.’
The "San Marcial" Division is made up of a HQ and a  HQ Battalion in Burgos and 4  Multipurpose Brigades (BOP, in Spanish): 10th “Guzmán el Bueno” Brigade (Cerro Muriano, Córdoba), 11th “Extremadura” Brigade (Bótoa, Badajoz), 12th “Guadarrama” Brigade (El Goloso, Madrid), and 1st "Aragón" Brigade (Zaragoza).
All the Division´s Units are equipped with armored and mechanized means with cutting-edge technology such as “Leopardo” 2E tanks and the “Pizarro” —Infantry and Cavalry combat vehicle—; both made in Spain. To those means, we have to add the “Centauro” — Reconnaissance and Combat vehicle— and the Cavalry Combat Vehicle (VEC in Spanish). The Brigades have the Artillery, Engineering, Signals and Logistics Units giving the needed support for mobility, living and combat. All this makes it one of the greatest units of the Spanish Army.
From its HQ in the city of Burgos, it is in charge of the Command and Readiness of the Units it includes and to generate the needed operational structure for operations.
Both, the today "San Marcial" Division and the former Heavy Forces, "Brunete" Mechanized Division have taken part in peacekeeping missions abroad.
I truly encourage you to keep exploring this Website where you will find more information on this peculiar Unit.
I cordially say goodbye with the motto that has traditionally embodied the essence of our spirit: 


Latest news of the unit

El General Ruiz Olmos haciendo entrega del Premio

Friday, March 23, 2018

Día de la División "San Marcial"

Entrega de Mando de la División al General Antonio Ruiz Olmos y entrega de los Premios "Coraza" y "Mejores Practicas