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  • Más de un centenar militares de tropa de la Brigada VI superan con éxito procesos de selección de promoción profesional y apoyo a la desvinculación

Latest News

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Number: 6372

More than hundred of members of troop scale belonging to the 6th Brigade overcome with success the selection procedures of professional promotion and support to the dissociation


Altogether 113 soldiers of professional troop from the 6th Brigade "Almogávares", after a year of effort and sacrifice carrying out different warm-up courses, have overcome successfully, from August, the selective procedures for the entrance to the military academies, Civil Guard and National Police.

To the Scale of Officers have joined six members of the 6th Brigade; 35 to the Non-commissioned officers (NCO); 43 to the Civil Guard; 5 to the National Police; and, besides, 24 had access to formative programmes of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The conducted courses in the unit for the preparation of entrance examinations are framed inside of the campaing of awareness, about personal promotion, which is being conducted in the Spanish Army. Many courses and formulas have been taking by the Personnel Command in order to promote the instruction and support to the dissociation for the entrance to the labour market of professional troop soldiers.

Among them and as innovation for this course, it has been developed, promoted by the General Management of Military Recruitment and Teaching, an online training for the warming-up of the General Basic Academy of NCO and the Civil Guard, that allows the student to have a better management of the time, but that demands a bigger willpower of him/her.


A huge success thanks to the effort employed

A huge success thanks to the effort employed (Photo:BRI VI)