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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Number: 795


Amanece en Herat

Since the first flight carried out for its transfer to the Agoncillo Base (La Rioja) in 1974 until the present day, this Helicoter Unit has undertaken a total of 100,000 flight hours with the various models of helicopter that have equipped it, always adapting itself to the demands of the missions it is assigned and especially, since 1991, to its participation in operations abroad.

Misión en Farah 

Its extensive flight background has been carried out both in its own training areas in the Rioja region and vicinity, as well as in numerous off Base activities throughout Spain and abroad, especially in mountainous regions (the Pyrenees are a frequent flight scenario). 

3rd Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion

Photographs: Francisco Francés

Throughout its history, the 3rd Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion has participated in the multinational opertions “Provide Confort” in Irak in 1991, Charlie-Sierra and  Eufor-Althea in Bosnia-Herzegovina between 1998 and 2008, Sierra-Kilo in Kosovo in 2000 and Romeo-Alfa in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2010. As well as in the national operations Romeo-Sierra to restore the “statu quo” on Perejil Island and  “Prestige”, by collaborating in the clean-up labors of the coast of Galicia, both in 2002 along with  Romeo-Mike for railway surveillance in 2004.

Mutual Support

At present, participation by the 3rd Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion in international missions, through its contribution of helicopter umits to the Spanish forces deployed abroad, constitutes the Unit’s main mission:  preparedness for the various rotations in these detachments, as will again occur in March next in the twentieth rotation of Task Force ASPUHEL in Afghanistan.


The 100,000 flight hours achieved today, 26th January 2011, by the Battalion are the fruit of the efforts by various generations of pilots, mechanics and support personnel, who have had excellence in their work as their guide, as well as the permanent preoccupation of achieving maximum security in all their flights.  The Mountain, a frequent scenario of their flights, demands this.

3rd Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion 

Photographs: Francisco Francés

Achieving this important milestone today is a reason for encouragement for the 3rd Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion to look to the future and face the new challenges ahead with confidence, whose maximum exponents will be maintaining deployment force in the helicopter detachments in the Afghanistan and Lebanon missions, as well as successfully concluding the transition process to the new NH-90 helicopter.