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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Friday, September 16, 2016

Number: 5467

MaxxPro Recovery fine-tuning comes to an end

MaxxPro Recovery fine-tuning comes to an end

The MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle (MRV) is completely operational; consequently, the Spanish Army has a new capacity: the recovery of MRAP vehicles (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) such as the RG-31.

A total of 14 MaxxPro Recovery crane vehicles were recently purchased to the US Army and brought to Spain from Kuwait. The Land Platforms Section, which belongs to the Weapons System Subdivision, has conducted this summer a great effort led by the Wheeled Vehicles Maintenance Center no. 2 (PCMVR in Spanish). Besides fine-tuning the MRV, the required technical documentation was created and the operators have been trained.

The work has been very intense in terms of mechanics and painting (done by the above mentioned PCMVR no. 2), technical testings (done by the Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology) crane (by Gruyma Company), testing and loading plans (by the PCMVR no. 2 and the BRIPAC - which has participated has pilot unit) transmissions and inhibitors (by the Transmissions Maintenance Center and the Technical Institute “La Marañosa”) and fire-fighting systems (by CIESA company).

The whole process (that took place from Sep. 6th to 9th) has finished with thorough sessions for the crane operator and corrective maintenance. Those sessions were taught by the US Army Personnel and the Gruyma Company. Members from all the Land Forces Units that are going to use MRV have participated. 



The MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle is already operational

The MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle is already operational (Photo:Iván Jiménez/DECET)